jaegerorangecat asked: Fili/Kili, Hades and Persephone, please and thank you!

"I’ve come for my nephew," Thorin filled the hall with his presence, sending shades scurrying away in fear. 

On a throne of bone and sinew, Fili regarded him with the calm that only the dead could boast. He had no need of showmanship, the flashy magics of other gods. His kingdom was absolute, his rule uncontested. He was not impressed by Thorin’s dramatics nor moved by them. 

"What Kili does is his own choice," Fili said mildly. "He is old enough to choose his own way." 

"You’ve enthralled him!" Thorin accused. "Charmed him with some dark magic and chained him here." 

"Is that the way you above grounders go about securing your lovers now?" Fili laughed. "That seems an awkward way to go about it." 

"Return him to me!" 

"He isn’t chattel to be shuttled-" 

"Winter has overtaken the lands. I will let them all choke and die until he is returned." 

"I see," Fili frowned and gestured to a cowering shade. It flitted away. "You would murder your subjects to get what you want?" 

"By the score."

"Now I know why Kili came away so easily with me and ate so freely of my table though I warned him of the consequences. Seven times has he sat beside me now, Lord of Spring, and seven times has he sucked clean the juice of a pomegranate seed and planted the seed into his bosom." 

"He would do no such thing!" 

"And why wouldn’t I?" Kili strode into the hall, eyes ablaze. He had been richly clothed in his favored greens and golds and in his hands he held a fine strong bow. "Hasn’t the lord of this realm been kind to me? Has he not offered me power with his right hand and all that I desire with my left? Is he not comely in my eyes and worthy of my regard? 

"He is a thing of darkness," Thorin reached out for Kili, "he would leech from you all the sweet sunlight and glory of living things that you were born too." 

"He lets me come and go as I please, actually," Kili looked over his shoulder and none could miss the fondness in his face nor the smile that made promises on his lips. "And that’s exactly what I shall do. Seven seeds did I eat, so seven months will I spend here, in the darkness with my lord. The other five, I will do my duty and return to you uncle." 

"Then seven months will the world know cold and darkness." 

"I regret that," Kili sighed, "but the bargain was made and the lot cast. You do as you will and I shall do my best to thwart you. Every ice that you lay down will I blow on with warm breath and we shall see who triumphs in the end." 

And Kili just that and every year, he begins to wage war against Thorin’s snows and every year, Fili lends him the strength. So when you see the corcus push up through the icy grip of snow, think of those lovers entwined in darkness, bringing about the light. 


alizlemonparty1 asked: Fili/Kili - Diana the Huntress and Adonis

( I think you may have meant Diana and Orion. Adonis is typically linked to Venus. If I choose incorrectly, let me know.) 

Kili hadn’t meant to spy.  He had only followed the droplets of blood of the wounded stag whom he had earlier shot and failed to bring down. That the stag should head to water was only natural. 

What they both would see there, deer and dwarf, was not intended. 

Bathing in the clear deep pond was a beauty unlike any other Kili had ever seen. Long gold hair wet against a ripple of muscle captivated him in an instant. Kili forgot all his manners, struck dumb and barely thought to conceal himself. 

The bather looked up. Blue eyes pierced through the darkness and caught Kili out on the spot. 

"You dare spy upon me?" The voice was light, but it filled the glade somehow, a rolling depth that pulled Kili under. 

"I’m sorry," he whispered. "Only, I was rendered stupid at the sight of you. I only meant to find the stag." 

"Stupid indeed," the being emerged from the water and gave Kili even more of an eyeful. "Do you not know me, hunter?" 

"No, I’m sorry I-" Kili stopped. "No. You cannot be." 

"Why not?" 

"Because the goddess…well. She’s meant to be a she." 

"I can be what I wish. When I wish." The god tilted his head. "Foolish youth. Run away now and you’ll be spared my wrath." 

"But please, my lord. I wish…I wish to serve you. Let me attend to you to make up for my transgression." 

Had Kili known that the offer would be taken, that he would never again warm his hands at his mother’s hearth or kiss his uncle’s cheek, maybe he would have refused. Or maybe not. 


nobodytoldthehorse asked: Jack Kelly - Prometheus

By the time they called him forward, he had already seen the fruits of his crime plucked from the branches. The lost children had gathered around him, gleeful and full of their coarse affections. He had seen them scare away the darkness, tell each other stories across the bright light.

"You have risked much," one of them, tall and sure. "What would you have in return?"

"Nothing," Jack reached out and smoothed a hand down the youth’s cheek. "Only live well and take care."

His punishment was eternal, but the joke was on the gods. For the youth made sure to settle below Jack’s mountain and there, he could forever see the joy that fire had brought to the people. His people. And his name sat ever on their lips in thanks.


Anonymous asked: Michael/Gabriel - Icarus and Daedalus? xx

Michael was a cautious flyer, precise and methodical. He taught Gabriel as best he could, guiding this trusting hand set into his. Together they roamed the new born earth, the fresh sun settling in their wings. 

But Gabriel was not cautious or precise or methodical. He flew with reckless abandon. Too soon, he left Michael behind to stretch his wings further and further. Their fellowship became a distant memory, their brotherhood a shadow of itself.

And then Gabriel was no more. One last flight, a dot disappearing in the distance and the line between them went silent as the grave. Michael, built of faith and love, should have waited. Should have trusted and believed. But their ties had already been unraveled. He believed Gabriel burned, drowned, scorched from reality by some carelessness.

Never had he thought to see him again. Not like this at the end of all things.

"It had to come eventually," Gabriel sat down beside Michael as the sun surged larger and the earth gave up its struggle and fell out of it’s orbit.

They watched as the rock that had long ago ceased to contain life, fell into the sun’s hungry embrace and was gone.

"Why now? Why here?"

Gabriel’s bright light was undimmed with time. It brushed into Michael’s with a laughing intimacy.

"Because I’m glad I’m with you, Mike. Here at the end of all things."

"That’s a human reference."

"It still applies."

They sat there together, on the edge of a distant star as the galaxy was consumed.

Prompts worthy of the gods

It’s prompt time! Send me a character/pairing and a myth/fairy tale/pantheon story. 

You know where to stick ‘em.

Fic Posted: The King of Second Chances

The King of Second Chances. Second in Our Numbered Days series. R. Bruce/Clint/Natasha.

Bruce falls into a routine. It’s the best thing that has happened to him in a long time.

into the Woods with Bernadette Peters is on netflix. So thats my night sown up.


iplacedajar asked: Currently working my way through Tolkien's letters and, keeping in mind comments you once made about your 'Children of the Diaspora' thought this quote might interest you. "I do think of the 'Dwarves' a bit like Jews: at once native and alien in their habitations, speaking the languages of the country, but with an accent due to their own private tongue." (from letter 176)

Thanks for sharing this! And yeah, it falls in line with a lot of statements Tolkien made. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always paint a great version of how Tolkien visualized the Jewish people (the dwarves are also show to be greedy and money oriented above all else which…yeah. Even the quote ‘others’ them quite a bit by pointing to their weird accent and unusual language that separates them from other Middle Earth races), but like many things what comes off as stereotypical and simple in the Hobbit, the dwarf culture evolves a lot in LotR. Gimli is certainly a more positive character on the whole than Thorin. 

so there’s a delay in the paperback of Stories Beneath Our Skin coming out. Not sure when it’ll appear. *sighs*

But! the kindle version is on sale at Amazon for $5.29.


Places on your dash without context or tags.


Places on your dash without context or tags.