Massive Prompt Update

So I do actually archive all my prompt answers. Took me two and a half hours, but it’s now fully up to date. Added 116 prompts. As always they each get their own chapter with the chapter title being the fandom, pairing where applicable and ‘verse where applicable. The actual prompt is the summary. 

You can read all 464 of them here. 

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amayakumiko asked: Gabriel/Michael

later added- “wings”

Their wings are static and light, the music of stars and the hush of creation. Layers of distorted reality that quaver and hold up mountains. When Gabriel and Michael enmeshed themselves together, that wall of purpose and flight would hold together all of creation. 

At least, that was what Gabriel believed when he was new. Now, tarnished and tired, he can’t say what he believes. His wings are solid now if he manifests them. Earthly creations of bone and feathers that do no one any good, least of all him. They can’t hold up a mountain, they can’t even help him to fly. They’re appendages, heavy and often not worthy of notice. 

And his brothers lay buried, chained in the deepest of holes beyond his reach. Raphael is dead.  There is no other great archangel to twine their grace over his head and shelter him from the storm. 

There is no respite now. No peace. No sanctuary. Weary, Gabriel trods through the back corridors of Heaven alone. Waiting for the end of days. 

Prompt Time! Theme: Sanctuary


Give me a character or pairing then a location where that person(s) feels safe. It’s a fluff required kind of week. 

As always: Stick ‘em in my box. 

Short List of Fandoms:  MCU (all movies), Supernatural, Sherlock (all forms, please specify),  Hobbit (no Thorin/Bilbo, sorry!),  LotR, Tin Man, Inception, Hannibal, Newsies, Breakfast Club, Welcome to Night Vale 

Still time left to prompt! I have two lined up to tackle tomorrow and I’ll definitely have time to write this Friday, so lay ‘em on me.


nobodytoldthehorse asked: Jack/David, on the roof

They slept out in the summer, sprawled over coarse blankets under the filmy sky. They curled around each other like nested question marks, lips pressed to the back of a neck. David would whisper stories into Jack’s ear, descriptions of places he’d only read about. 

The city in a heatwave would pulse with repressed frustration, beating over their skinny wrists and ankles. Sometimes David thought the heat would suffocate them, drown them in humidity. Jack would sprinkle lukewarm water over David’s face, chase the droplets with his tongue. 

"I wish we could just stay here," Jack murmured, his words caught in the thick air. 

Jack never wanted to stay in one place. Jack wanted the world though he’d settled for the city. Jack wanted to run, wanted to mark each street with his presence. Jack wanted whole blocks to rise up to meet his bouncing steps. 

"Yes," David inched closer, despite the slipslide of sweat between them. "Lets." 


inell asked: Brian/Bender, roof

Bender needed a lot of open space. Their apartment was window lined and that was where Bender could often be found, smeared broad over the armchair and watching the sun fold itself in for the night. Sometimes though, even the suggestion of glass was too much confinement. 

Brian came home to an empty space, groceries ready for a meal that probably now wouldn’t get made for some time. He put everything away. There wasn’t a rush on these things. If anything, Bender usually needed the time to go from white hot incandescent rage to a touchable warm irritation that allowed for conversation. 

Brian climbed the spiral staircase up to the roof with the same weary grimness that dogged all the worse moments of their lives together. Sometimes, he thought it was almost too much to bear. To be the one that stood at the side of a hurricane and lived to tell about it. 

"He’s a genius," a breathless groupie told Brian once in the shadow of a painting that swirled with black and red. Bender tended to paint in a fugue state and Brian didn’t much like the results even if kept him in fine clothes and expensive liquor. 

"Yes," he had agreed helplessly. "I guess he is." 

And god, genius did burn. 

The rooftop was partially gardened, the work of other residents. Their corner was bare, but for two camp chairs and a cooler. Bender wasn’t sitting or drinking. He stood, leaning on the ledge and looking out over the city. His hair was longer now, caught in a ponytail that did nothing to hide the streaks of grey. His shoulders were still broad tapering to a lean waist under a black t-shirt.  He was utterly, devastatingly beautiful. Brian stood beside him. 

"What happened?" He asked cautiously. 

"Nothing," Bender turned to him and startlingly, there was a smile on his face. "Sometimes I do just come up here to think, you know." 

"Lies," Brian challenged, giddy with the sudden twist of fate. "You come up here to look broody and intense, Batman." 

"That make you, Robin?" Bender reached out, threaded his arm around Brian’s waist and kissed him with fond ferocity. 

A genius maybe, but also still a simple person with a taste for bad beer that lingered in the kiss and very warm hands. Brian stepped in closer. His hurricane, his fire. His superhero on the edge of the roof. 


thegreensorceress asked: Hello dear! Love your prompt fills! How about Fili/Kili, and Kili always feels safe under the kitchen table.

(thanks my dear! I love doing them for y’all.) 

It’s endearing when they’re young. Kili will take a blanket and a handheld radio, bunking down while their mother makes dinner. Sometimes Fili crawls down to join him and they sing along with top forty or play complicated games of pretend. 

When they’re teenagers, Fili finds it embarrassing. He refuses to acknowledge Kili’s fingers pulling insistently at his pant legs while Fili tries to finish his homework and he certainly doesn’t join him. 

Except for that one time after an asshole roughs Kili up after school while Fili was in lacrosse practice. Then he’s the one that gets the blanket, bundles up his bleeding brother and performs first aid and cookie triage with the faded floral tablecloth shielding them from their mother’s eyes. 

They grow up and Fili assumes Kili finally grows out of it. They don’t live with their mother anymore, don’t even live with each other. Not even close by. They put distance between them, states of it for safety. But when Fili gets a phone call, 

"Um, I’m Ori…Kili’s roommate? I’m probably…I shouldn’t…but I think he needs you." 

Fili was there in record breaking time. The story didn’t matter. A broken heart, a broken nose and a broken name in two syllables that called Fili across the country. When he arrived, duffel bag in hand, he didn’t need to be told that Kili wasn’t locked up in his bedroom or nursing his wounds on the balcony. Instead, he pulled the bag under the rickety Ikea table and from it pulled an old blanket. He wrapped his brother, all sinew and weariness, in it and pulled him tight. 

"Hey," Kili buried his nose in Fili’s hair. 

"Hey," Fili kissed his temple. 

They stayed there for a long time. 

Prompt Time! Theme: Sanctuary

Give me a character or pairing then a location where that person(s) feels safe. It’s a fluff required kind of week. 

As always: Stick ‘em in my box. 

Short List of Fandoms:  MCU (all movies), Supernatural, Sherlock (all forms, please specify),  Hobbit (no Thorin/Bilbo, sorry!),  LotR, Tin Man, Inception, Hannibal, Newsies, Breakfast Club, Welcome to Night Vale 


Anonymous asked: i watched the oxygen channel's "tattoos after dark" the other day. my favorite client was a young jewish woman, already inked all across her back and shoulders, whose religious family mildly disapproved of all her tattoos. so she got "forgive me" in hebrew tattooed on the insides of her wrists. not sure why, but it made me think of you :)

I am a jewish woman with a tattoo that writes about tattoos a lot! My parents are actually cool with me being tattoed, but that’s probably because I waited until I was nearly thirty and for the reform movement to change it’s mind about burying people with body mods.