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So, once upon a time I said, “If you can’t tell Captain America what you’re doing, you probably shouldn’t be doing it” and it inspired a poem by Catt Kingsgrave (aka theactualcluegirl​) which eventually led to this pre-release rough-draft single, The Ballad Of Captain America’s Disapproving Face (also available for listening here on SoundCloud). 

I guarantee you will never laugh this hard at any other song that opens with a riff on the Star Spangled Banner. Also there is, if I’m not mistaken, a kazoo cover of Star Spangled Man involved. 

Anyhow, Murder Ballads is working on an album, and if you like the song, consider throwing a few bucks their way to help get their album made.

(The accompanying image up there is by the astonishing Frogbillgo, but is not associated officially with the album.)

ArtistMurder Ballads
TitleThe Ballad Of Captain America's Disapproving Face
AlbumPretty In Scarlet

inell asked: Summer of Love for Steve/Bucky

Steve clings to the edges of the crowds, watches Bucky dive in with a gusto.  The world shimmers as if dusted in glitter and Steve sways in the eddies of people and sound.

When Bucky reemerges it’s with a burning joint that he sucks in and then pulls Steve close to blow gentle streams of smoke into his mouth. Not enough to choke him or start an asthma attack. Just enough to curl in Steve’s mouth, to soften all the edges down.

"Dance with me," Bucky demands and Steve can’t, won’t fight him off. The music doesn’t call for the neat ballroom steps they learned under the watchful eyes of Sister Catherine, so Steve stumbles in Bucky’s wake. Stumbles, but doesn’t fall. Can’t fall with Bucky’s arms steadfast around him.

When the war comes, taking Bucky from him, Steve will draw this sleepy afternoon over and over. How they danced in a crowd, too high to care what anyone else was doing, how Bucky laughed salted and low, how they kissed in the lee of a building, it’s shadow barely concealing them.

Steve carries protest signs in that future, their weight building strength in his arms. He will think of Bucky’s letters as he shouts at angry faces and hold close the memory of their mouths together as they bind his wrists in cuffs.


Anonymous asked: Bones/Chekov for summer of love? Pretty please.

( with a cherry on top ;) )

This wasn’t how Bones expected he’d spend his days after leaving the hospital behind. He’d considered private practice or maybe just hiking out into the woods and leaving humanity to tear itself to pieces until the inevitable nuclear holocaust. Sadly, he did still have a better nature which M’Benga and Chapel ruthlessly appealed to which was why he wound up bandaging up kids at the free clinic.

The influx into the city of broke teenagers carrying their hopes in their hands and flowers in their hair annoyed him on a deep personal level even as he used their drugs and went to their concerts to keep from being so goddamn alone all the time. Jim, with his busted front tooth and constant supply of hallucinogenics, made for a decent run of company.

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Summer of Love Prompts


Give me a character or a pairing and I’ll tell you where they were and what they were doing in a 1967 AU. 

As always, stick ‘em in my box. 

New tip! If you’re not sure what I write, check out the list. I’ve updated it to reflect my current fandoms and pairings for the most part. 


ofamaranthlie asked: Thor/Loki for summer of love :)

"Where are you going?" 

Loki stopped in his tracks, the bare dirt path winding before him through the first shoots of corn. The field spread out for acres before dumping out onto the thin line of pavement. He had a bag over one shoulder, the long rope of his hair braided down his spine. There was no space for turning back, no pause in his rapid fire heartbeat to breathe. 

"Away," he said firmly. "Elsewhere." 

"For how long?" 

Thor seemed to accept that Loki wouldn’t turn, so instead he came to him. Loki saw him out of the corner of his eye, golden in the sun and solemn for once in his life. 

"For good." 

Thor didn’t ask why. It was a kindness that Loki took with relief. He started down the path and Thor walked alongside him. How many times had they walked through the fields together? How many impressions had their feet left in their father’s good earth only to be swallowed again by time? 

Thor came with him right to the edge of the pavement and there they both stopped, looking down the heatsoaked tar. 

"Do you have enough money?" Thor asked. 

"There’s never enough," Loki said lightly. "But it will see me to where I need to go." 

"Where’s that?" 

Loki didn’t answer. Thor reached out, one hand heavy on Loki’s shoulder, drawing him into a sideways hug and a press of lips to his temple. 

"You can always come back to me," Thor whispered into his ear. "There is no journey long enough to part us for eternity." 

"I will certainly do my best to make one," Loki said without heat. "Now leave me be, I’ve got hitchhiking to do." 

He felt Thor’s departure like clouds blotting out the sun. A truck came by an hour later and he hitched a ride all the way out of the state. It wasn’t until he bunked down for the night under the shielding arms of an oak tree that he discovered the gold coin that Thor had twined into the lock of Loki’s hair during that soft kiss. Loki tumbled the coin between his fingers and smiled up at the moon. It was his time now, but a coin had two sides. It would flip again. 

Summer of Love Prompts

Give me a character or a pairing and I’ll tell you where they were and what they were doing in a 1967 AU. 

As always, stick ‘em in my box. 

New tip! If you’re not sure what I write, check out the list. I’ve updated it to reflect my current fandoms and pairings for the most part. 

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Rules: In a text post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard—they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag [ten] friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them.

  1. Imajica  by Clive Barker. (I’ve talked ad nauseum about this book in other posts. All I’ll say here is that it is my favorite and it’s time for my yearly re-read). 
  2. The Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce. (My first exposure to a truly kickass herione. Could be easily tied with The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by  Patricia C. Wrede.) 
  3. The Golden Key by Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Robinson and Kate Elliot. (This one is probably the least well known which is a shame. Not only is it written by three different powerhouse female fantasy authors, but it’s got an exquisite pseudo-historical fictional tone and that rarity of rarities, a magical system that has a believable impact on the culture that resonates on many levels. Also stars not one, but two amazing heroines who live very different lives. Sadly not at the same time.) 
  4. Narnia Books by C.S. Lewis (It’s Narnia. Nuff said.) 
  5. The Golden Globe  by John Varley (Actually everything ever by John Varley. For a dude he writes some awesome ladies, skips blithely through different sexualities and in his Nine Planets series, it’s culturally normal to switch genders several times in your life) 
  6. Rebecca by Daphne Demauier. ( I know museatplay named this one too. I think it just one of those seminal books.) 
  7. W.H. Auden’s Poetry.  (Just all of it. I’m not a big poetry read, but he moves me)
  8. Fear and Trembling by Soren Kierkagaard (I don’t always agree with what he writes, but I’m tremendously moved by it anyway.) 
  9. American Gods  by Neil Gaiman (Distillation of everything I want to be as a writer.) 
  10. Lucifer by Michael Carey (My absolute favorite comic books ever. The arch is gorgeous and thoughtful, effortlessly spanning mythology and very real problems. Alternatively, the Felix Castor books also by Mike Carey.) 

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I really fucking hate it when guys act like marriage is literally the end of their lives like if it’s so fucking bad, and you hate it so much, don’t get fucking married and put your spouse through hell because you’re shit. If you feel trapped you’re doing it wrong.

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The great irony of this is that there are multiple studies that imply marriage is better for men than women. Men who are married see an increase in their health and financial well being (not entirely true of married women_. Married men report being happier than single men by a wide margin (not true of single vs. married women). Married men live longer than their single counterparts.

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Fic Posted: The Sharp Side of a Soft Landing

The Sharp Side of a Soft Landing. Sequel to ‘Let Me Grow Young’. Guardians of the Galaxy. Gen. Gamora POV. 

What they talk about when they don’t talk about love.


In which there is much talk, respectful and disrespectful, about sexuality.



amayakumiko what have you done to me? This little stripper au has swollen up to 8k and shows no sign of stopping.