so there’s a delay in the paperback of Stories Beneath Our Skin coming out. Not sure when it’ll appear. *sighs*

But! the kindle version is on sale at Amazon for $5.29.


Places on your dash without context or tags.


Places on your dash without context or tags.



If you ever die in a library, it will happen in the archives. The weight of forgotten books is oppressive, and the silence surrounding them is unbearable. All of the books seem to be waiting to choke you with the dust coating their spines. The forgotten characters seem ready to jump out and force you into their world. Nobody wants to be forgotten. Nobody is comfortable among the forgotten.

Happy National Library Week.

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i’ve created a new modern au… because of nice full beards and short haired fili


I’m not even through with the second story in the ‘all my first’ verse, but I’m considering the third story being Jane Foster/Sam Wilson. Thoughts?

I have this odd rhythm that comes up sometimes when I’m writing, where I can only do three or four sentences at a time. Then I have to wander off for a bit. Then I go back. Then I wander. Then three or four more sentences.  It almost always happens after I gush out a story like I just did over the weekend. And now I’m doing the sentence, wander, sentence.

I am the faucet that keeps dripping after it’s shut off.


Anonymous asked: I agree with grassangel, probably adamantium but not vibranium. In Cap 1 Stark said that the shield is made out of all the vibranium there is.



grassangel asked: Fullmetal Alchemist or Hagane no Renkinjutsushi! It's a manga that's had two anime adaptations. The series has been around 13 years and is the reason why I know about bio-metals. Ed's arm is a lot less sleek than Bucky's, but he likes wearing sleeveless shirts and gets it broken, so the illustrations might be more useful.

I am an anime idjit. My husband kindly texted me after I posted that saying ‘duh, honey’ in the sweetest way possible. Mostly because a very good friend has actually cosplayed Ed in my presence more than once. 


grassangel asked: I'd assume the plating for Bucky's arm is adamantium/vibranium, but the guts are lightweight but strong alloys, possibly with an a/v component. Titanium is probably what the attachment point is made out of, but there are neat porous bio-metals being developed now which are probably in wide use in the MCU. (The FMA fandom has similar technical discussions, because automail is VERY similar.)

That sounds about right, but one question: What’s FMA?